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Alt Text


What Is Alt Text?

Alt text, short for "alternative text," is a descriptive text attribute used to convey the content of an image. It serves a dual purpose, benefiting both search engines and users.

Alt text aids search engines in comprehending the nature of an image, which is particularly valuable for image search. Additionally, it provides supplementary context for the overall page content. 

For users, alt text is helpful in situations where an image fails to load. More importantly, it is vital for individuals who rely on assistive technologies, such as screen readers, as it assists them in understanding the visual content of the image.

Tips for Writing Alt Text

When crafting alt text, clarity is paramount. The primary objective of alt text is to provide a concise, clear explanation of the image for users who cannot see it. Since screen readers typically limit alt text to around 100 characters, it is advisable to keep the descriptions concise and to the point.

While it is acceptable to incorporate target keywords into alt text to indicate the page's relevance to search engines, it's essential to avoid outdated keyword stuffing tactics. The emphasis should be on crafting logical, user-centric descriptions that convey the image's content effectively, rather than solely catering to search engine optimisation.

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